Maths Town (title)
Maths Town (title)

Welcome to Maths Town.  A place full of fractal videos and other resources.  I am currently building the web page. You are welcome to have a look around, but be sure to visit again soon when things are a little more complete.

Featured Pages...

A Trip to Infinity Video

A Trip to Infinity Thumbnail

The happiest ultra-deep Mandelbrot ever made! An enormous amount of CPU time went into producing this Mandelbrot zoom, diving to a depth of 1.2e1077 in stunning 4k 60fps! I hope you enjoy it! I find bright and vibrant colours to be a personal challenge to create. 

End of the Line Revisited Video

End of the line Revisited thumbnail

Many of my videos give some illusion of motion, but this video probably does that more than most. Rest assured, there is no motion but forwards, we are always zooming at same point. I had a request for some colour-cycling videos, so here it is. The colour pallette is cycling at a constant rate throughout this video. This zoom is located on the real number line

Roses Two Video

Roses Two Thumbnail

Roses Two is a relaxing Mandelbrot fractal zoom that uses an "image orbit trap" colouring technique.  Here we also have a little "behind the scenes" look at how the project was built.

Eye of the Universe Video

Eye of the Universe (video thumbnail)

This ultra-deep Mandelbrot zoom was featured on the TV show "The Big Bang Theory".  Rendered in two passes, it was the deepest fractal zoom on the channel when it was released, and it has remained hugely popular.

End of the Line Video

End of the Line (Video Thumbnail)

This Mandelbrot zoom was intended to to be more a mathematical curiosity than artistic work. However, it proved to be more popular than I expected.  It is a journey of infinite line work.

11 Dimensions Video

11 Dimensions Thumbnail

The popular 11 dimensions video was the first fractal video uploaded to the Maths Town channel.  An array of beautiful colour and shape.  This video finishes on the image known as "11 Dimensions"

Recently Added...

Angle Video

Angle thumbnail

A fresh take on the Mandelbrot Set! A new colouring technique that chooses the colour based on the angle to the nearest point in the Mandelbrot Set. Actually, this is the technique I use to shade the "3D look" you have seen in other videos, but here I've isolated the technique and used colour. Its interesting how the colour rays are attracted to the points of the shapes in this mode. We also dive deep into some "Mandelbrot crack" here, so you might wish to watch it after the children have gone to bed.

Temple of the Tribrot Video

Temple of the Tribrot thumbnail

A colour scheme that I have used before applied to a new fractal. This is a 3rd Power Mandelbrot zoom (z = z^3 + c). The third power is nice because we get some 3-way symmetry, instead of the usual 2.

Dreams Video

Dreams Thumbnail

The dreams video is a meditative journey into the Mandelbrot Set. This video relies on colour cycling to animate small bands of colour, creating mesmerising movement.

KFMovieMaker User Guide

KFMovieMaker User Guide

KF Movie Maker is an After Effects plug-in that allows you to create fractal zoom movies.  Kalles Fraktaler is capable of exporting images and iteration data.  This plug-in combines that data into a continuous movie.   After Effects has the power to allow you to animate many aspects of this movie. 

KFMovieMaker Download and Installation

KFMovieMaker Download

How to download and install the KFMovieMaker After Effect plug-in.