Maths Town (title)
Maths Town (title)

Under Construction: I am currently building the web page. You are welcome to have a look around, but be sure to visit again soon when things are a little more complete.



Discord Server

Join me on Discord. A place to hang out and be part of the Maths Town community.


First VR180 Video

Check out a 3D fractal in actual 3D

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Fractal Videos


Julia Sets of the Mandelbulb

Explore the julia sets of the Mandelbulb fractal.


11 Dimensions Video

The popular 11 dimensions video was the first fractal video uploaded to the Maths Town channel. An array of beautiful colour and shape. This video finishes on the image known as 11 Dimensions


Hidden Teddy Bear Video

Can you see a teddy bear? This is a standard Mandelbrot Fractal but I have chosen a particular colour set. When the colours align in a certain way you may see a teddy bear!


The Power of Tau Video

Tau (τ) is a mathematical constant equal to 2π. Tau is the ratio of a circle’s circumference and its radius, approximately 6.28.


Temple of the Tribrot Video

A colour scheme that I have used before applied to a new fractal. This is a 3rd Power Mandelbrot zoom.

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After Effects Plugin

kfMovieMaker (Thumbnail)


Make fractal videos from Kalles Fraktaler output.