Maths Town (title)
Maths Town (title)

The popular 11 dimensions video was the first fractal video uploaded to the Maths Town channel.  An array of beautiful colour and shape.  This video finishes on the image known as "11 Dimensions"


The 11 Dimensions image can be found in the gallery files that come with Kalles Fraktaler.  The location and design is by Dinkydau.  Make sure that you take the time to visit and subscribe to Dinkydau's YouTube Channel.  

This video tracks into a small mini-Mandelbrot that is sitting on the real number-line, from this we get the fine lines in the rest of the video.  Dropping into a spiral in the "elephant valley" of the mini-Mandelbrot gives us the bolder second order patterns. Shape stacking is used to build the final image. In this video we don't drop into a final mini-Mandelbrot, but I have also rendered and uploaded an 8k version of this video which ends at a mini-Mandelbrot (see below). 


Mandelbrot Coordinates

Fractal: Mandelbrot (Power 2)

Real: -1.7891690186048231066744683411888387638173618368159070155822017397181006156270275749142369245820396054406395755675312183271534128923049471434097690222315419202715383264050159131947029173677395015878767362862533310902938210320999999999999999999999999999999998

Im: -0.0000003393685157671825660282302661468127283482188945938569013974696942388736569110136147219176174266842972236468548795141989046122450230790250469659063534132826324119846599278074403635939133245821264547306595273202030703232999999999999999999999999999999998

Zoom: 1.41200697933e219



William Tell Overture - Rossini (from the YouTube library)

8k Version

I have rendered an 8k version of this video which finishes on a mini-Mandelbrot.  It has some alternative music too. Unfornatly there is a slight programming error on the first couple of frames, but the rest of the video is very clean and crisp.



Reversed Version (Zoom Out)

 This is also a great video to watch in reverse.  Zooming out of a Mandelbrot is actually a much different experience because your eyes tend to look around the edges more.

Image Gallery  

Please enjoy some of the highlights of this video.  Please visit My Patreon Page if you would like to download high resolution images.



















High quality downloads are available for all 3 versions of this video.  You need to be a Patreon member to get access to the drive.  Please visit My Patreon Page.  A large collection of the original images are also available there.